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Ah, the famousness of Nicole Cooke’s quotes. Check them out here and may your days forever be bettered by these words of wisdom.


Famous Nicole Cooke Quotes

"I don't like being in the newspaper."

"Tony Poole is a dodgy geezer."

"Kids- listen to me! Say no to drugs!"

"Wheetos are the breakfast of champions!"

"Wick is the Los Angeles of Wales"

"I rule."

"Listen to me, kids- you will NEVER be like me! GIVE UP NOW!"

"Where is my brother? had to rush out....." (for possible explanation of this quote, “Future Developments”!)

"A Level Maths is easy."

"I hate the PE department."

"I hate it when people spell my name wrong! It's obviously spelt with an e.....or is it without an e? No, no it's defintetly with an e, but I'll have to check."

"Drive a Peugot- the only choice in motoring Heaven!"

"Cardiff City are the best."