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Nicole Destroys Competition at London Marathon!


Today, Nicole won the London Marathon. Nicole was not on her bike at the time.


Nicole managed to win every single event. Here is a brief roundup of what happened:


      Nicole started racing in the womens event in the guise of her alter-ego, Paula Radcliffe.

      Some time into the race, Nicole ran back several miles to the start of the mini marathon for kids, and proceeded to mercilessly destroy all competition there, breaking the hearts of millions of child athletes across the world.

      After grinning with delight, Nicole completed the womens event and quickly trotted back to join the mens event.

      Nicole proceeded to kick the collective asses of all the men, including brother Craig’s idol, Gabriel Solassee.

      Our heroine then managed to win the wheelchair event by riding in a minature tricycle.


Congratulations Nicole!


For pictures of the event, click below:


(From left to right: Gabriel Solassee, Nicole, some loser of a competitor)


The first picture shows Nicole whooping Gabriel Solassee in the men’s event and the second shows Nicole’s triumphant wheelchair/ tricycle victory.


Something went wrong with the last picture. Not meant to be pink.