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Introduction to the First Ever Nicole Cooke Fan Club ™ !!!


UPDATE June 2004!

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Date: 26-03-2002

Well not exactly……

Yes this is the “ancient” frontpage, since everything else has been lost.

Some links may not work.


Welcome to the Cooke Fan Club!
"Proud to be in direct competition with"

Forever dedicated to Nicole Cooke!

We are proud to be supporters of Nicole Cooke, the only drug free cyclist in the world. Nicole will show that it's pure Wickian power that counts- not californian muscle beach crap. Nicole comes from the heartlands of Wales (Wick, of course) and she has had to endure the extreme weather of South Wales for many years. She is confident that she can win every medal in every discipline in every sport in the next 10 years- and we believe her! In fact- if Nicole fails, then we will kill ourselves!

The Rest of the Site

Recent News! Including Nicole’s Anti Drug Rally!


Nicole was awesome at the London Marathon!


Nicole declares war on the Gazette!

The Exploding Bike!


Nicole at the Oscars!



Awful! Nicole FAILS TO WIN A RACE!


New! We talk about Nicole’s Sponsorship Deals!

Ridiculously exciting Nicole Cooke news! (This is old news, not part of the new site!)


Exclusive! Special Page! Nicole Cooke Dominates Winter Olympics!


Everyone knows that Nicole is most famous for her words of wisdom, so read these Mega Famous Nicole Cooke Quotes now!



Super Exciting Future Developments! Does Nicole Cooke really exist? Hmm…


Super Brand New! Nicole Cooke Cartoons! (Fictional)





We see that you also feel our excitement about this website and hope you will continue visiting.


Go now! It doesn’t seem to work.

This site has been recently revamped, so you better appreciate it. It took me all of 30 minutes to do, so make the most of it.