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Nicole’s Bike Explodes!


Today, it has been reported that Nicole Cooke’s bike exploded on top of her car while driving in Italy! Nicole was not on the bike at the time of the incident.


Rumours that this event was due to the cycling goddess’ erratic driving have this evening been refuted by her brother Craig.

“Impossible” said Craig, while cutting out a picture of a woman from the newspaper “Nicole is an absolutely superb driver!”.

“Oh bugger! I just cut her head off!” he added.


It has also been suggested that Nicole’s greatest rival, Some Cyclist Woman of Team Drugs, had sabotaged the Wickian Queen’s bike before she left.

However, the Directeur Sportif of Team Drugs, Ann Phetamine, claimed that Some Cyclist Woman was in a court case during the entire period of Nicole’s journey.


Nicole believes that it was an attack by the neighbouring village of St. Brides. Wickian Generals are said to be preparing a grand army of cavemen in a “War Against Terror”.


An accurate portrayal of Nicole’s exploding bike:


Nicole in the “Wick Mobile” looking shocked as her bike explodes.