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Nicole Bounces Back!


After a one minute break from the world of cycling, Nicole has returned to the racing circuit to “wipe them out…..all of them” (referring to her competitors). She has recently signed a new contract with Daya Pragmatic Cologne, headed by the team’s Godfather, Dodgy Bald Ugly Bloke.

Mr. Ugly Bloke encouraged Nicole to engage in various self advertising events around the world. The most recent was to promote her new autobiography, “Bouncing Back”.


In line with the title of the book, Nicole sat on a Space Hopper and jumped around the place, making herself look slightly foolish. Things got worse however, when using her super powers the space hopper bounced a bit to high and Nicole proceeded to impale herself on an unfortunately positioned iron spike attached to the ceiling.


Finding herself in a potentially embarrassing situation, Nicole performed groundbreaking surgery to fix herself up before leaping athletically back to her table, where she continued to sign copies of her book.


The entire event is reproduced in the illustration below:


And if you want to see what Nicole’s book looks like: